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Solar Geysers

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Heat Pumps

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Eco Shower Heads

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Grey Water System

Sunsource are dealers of the Biozone range of water purification and water recycling plants.

Biozone products are able to produce clear purified water from bath, shower and even toilet water. The Biozone FLUSH’nSPRAY sewage treatment plants are designed for the average Domestic home. The plant captures all domestic “Grey Water” from dishwashers, washing machines, showers, baths and sinks as well as “Black Water” from toilets. This waste-water gets biologically treated, then sterilized by Ozone or UV, ready to be recycled or irrigated.

Biozone plants provide a responsible solution to waste and sewage treatment in sensitive areas:  e.g.

-          Water constrained areas (lodges in deserts etc)

-          Mountainous areas

-          Beach houses

-          Porous soils (dolomite – e.g. Cradle of Humankind areas)


Solar electricity – Photovoltaic panels

Reduce your electricity consumption and reduce your dependence from the national electricity grid even further.

We supply the full range of solar electricity solution components , including Photovolatic (“PV”) panels, charge controllers, pure sin-wave Inverters, and deep cycle batteries.


Through our partnerships with some of the most skilled and professional solar electrical engineers, we are able to construct full “off-grid” energy solutions :  from 500watt to 100Kw.


A standardised 3Kw residential grid interactive solar power system, fully installed, is available from R156,000.00

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Water Harvesting

Sunsource supply and install rainwater harvesting systems to allow further independence from the “water grid” and reduce your home water consumption.

We supply top quality “Kyasol” tanks and complete systems.  Kyasol systems allow for installation underground to reduce visual impact.

Our installations come complete with particulate filtration systems, as well as pressure pumps to allow instant irrigation from the subterranean tanks.

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“ Sunsource Energy has been providing solar solutions to customers since 2008. Through our previous association with a national franchise, and more recently as Sunsource, we have successfully installed over 250 solar geysers and heat pumps.